We transform mass media into data

MediaData is a space for the development and innovation of civic technology for content analysis of mass media.

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Espacio de innovación en tecnología cívica

We are a multidisciplinary team of researchers that works on mass communication, artificial intelligence and big data.

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We focus our efforts on the development of automated and collaborative content analysis solutions

Lines of research
Espacio de innovación en tecnología cívica
Line 1. Pluralism television news.
Line2. The positioning of political parties and media coverage.
Line 3. Digital interpersonal communication and agenda-setting

What defines our projects

Open data

Our projects aim at generating open data.

Automation and citizenry

Projects developed according to the principles of citizen-centred design.

Theoretical robustness

All our projects have a solid theoretical basis.

Open source

Our work is published under free and open licenses. FLOSS.


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