Automated system for identifying people and analysing the camera-shot language used in news programmes

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Specific objectives

– To search for or generate the following models, compatible with the Python programming language:

  • – Facial recognition.
  • – Personal traits identification from an image of a person’s face.
  • – Traits comparison, where the traits identified in each recognized face are compared to the stored traits of personalities known to us and on whom we want to focus our analysis.

– To integrate the three models into one or several scripts using Python.
– To identify the type of camera-shot in which the recognized person appears.
– To automatically generate a comma-delimited plain text file which records the label or name of the identified person, the type of camera-shot, and the time stamp (in case of video analysis).
– To establish a workflow that automatically processes the generated data and produces descriptive statistics about the content of the image or video.
– To optimize and test the joint model for the analysis of television news.