Identifying women’s objectification in music videos using expert, collective and artificial intelligence

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General Objective

Identify and characterize women’s reification audio-visual framing in the most viewed music videos on YouTube.

Secondary Objectives

– Establish the key dimensions that determine a reifying framing.
– Define the audio-visual analogies of the reifying framing.
– Disentangle the audio-visual language elements that come together to generate what we have called a reifying frame.


There are audio-visual patterns for women’s reification in music videos.


– Analytical level #1: 100 most-viewed YouTube videos in 2019.
– Analytical levels #2 and #3: music videos coded as “reifying women” in analytical level #1.

Units of meaning

– Analytical level #1: music video.
– Analytical level #2: clips of 15 to 25 seconds length.
– Analytical level #3: shots and frames.


Analytical level #1

  • identification: video_id
  • credits:
    – Title: song title
    – album: album title
    – singer: singer/s name/s
    – direction: diretor/s name/s
    – production: music producer/s name/s
    – url: youtube video url
  • reification dimensions: deductive approach

Analytical level #2

    • identification: clip_id
    • reification dimensions: dimensions set in level 1 of analysis

Analytical level #3

  • identification: shot_id
  • elements of audio-visual language:
    – shot_type: descriptive, narrative, expressive
    – shot_length: length of shot in seconds
    – number_of_men: number of male characters on screen
    – number_of_women: number of female characters on screen
    – dress_state_men: naked, semi-naked, fully clothed
    – dress_state_women: naked, semi-naked, fully clothed
    – zoom: yes, no
    – dominant_color: color value of the dominant color of the shot
    – juxtaposition_previous: shot_id previous shot
    – juxtaposition_next: shot_id next shot


Analytical level #1

  • identification: automated analysis
  • credits: human and automated web scraping
  • reification dimensions: expert coders

Analytical level #2

  • identification: automated analysis
  • reification dimensions: crowdsourced analysis

Analytical level #3

  • identification: automated analysis
  • elements of audio-visual language: computer assisted content analysis

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